Ram Chandru

Ram Chandru is a committed and experienced surgeon who has been living and practicing in New Zealand since 2012. He became a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 2009. Ram completed his fellowship training in England in Wrightington Hospital and North Staffordshire University hospital (UK). He has acquired great experience over the years and has taken an active part in several research projects specifically concerning the operative measures of Scaphoid Non-Union. Ram believes it is very important, particularly in the Medical field, to be educated of new developments and techniques in order to further improve his own merit as a surgeon.

Ram’s passion for medicine and helping others have driven several charitable initiatives in India. On his days off work also makes an effort to take up a few clinics at the charity hospital here in Christchurch.

The philosophy of Ram’s relationship between patient and surgeon is the importance of education. Ram believes that his responsibility as a surgeon is not only to treat but to be able to inform; to be able to form a direct and clear line of communication so that the patient is fully aware of their conditions and the options available to them. The foundation of which Ram attempts to achieve through this website. Containing a multitude of clear, concise and understandable information sheets for various conditions that Ram treats, we aim to educate as best we can in a way that is accessible and easy in the stresses of a modern world.

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