• If it wasn’t for your amazing work on my wrist I would not be able to write my Christmas cards!! Thank you very much.  

  • I just want to let you know that I really appreciate the speed with which you see my patients and the great professional care you give them.  Initially, for the first few times, since I did not know you, I would ask patients “what is he like?” and I got universal great feedback about you.  So, now I tend to say to patients who I refer to you “a lot of my patients have been to Mr Chandru and have been very happy” when patients need a hand referral.  I, and my patients who have been seen you, really appreciate your care and the service you provide.

  • I really appreciated your help and caring attitude.  Just when I thought nobody cares, you came into my life! Long may you continue your good work.  

  • Enormous thank you for restoring my wrist to enable me to write, kilt, go back volunteering at the library and generally getting back to a normal life!


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