Minor Procedure Rooms

Minor procedures such as carpal tunnel, tendon sheath release, mucous cyst and ganglion excision are commonly performed in our local theatre. Local theatre runs fortnightly on a Wednesday. All procedures are usually done within 30 – 45 minutes.

  • The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic so there is no need to fast before your surgery.
  • If you are on Warfarin or Dabigatran, you will need to stop 48 hours before your surgery and commence back 24 hours after your surgery. (Please discuss with the surgeon if any concerns).
  • Please advise us regarding any allergy you may have.
  • You will need to organize a chaperone. Driving is not recommended after your surgery and your safety is important to us.
  • Please expect some delays on the day. Allow yourself plenty of time when you come.
  • If you require oral sedation please read the information provided on the link.

Before coming for your surgery

  • Clean your hands thoroughly, also under the nails if you have been doing gardening or other tasks which involves dirt.
  • Please remove your ring/rings off from the fingers of the hand where surgery will be performed.
  • Wear comfortable, loose tops, tee shirt and tunics are preferred.
  • Organize time off from your work. We can advise how many days you should be off from work.

After your surgery: what to expect

  • Your operated hand/finger will be numb from the local anaesthetic. It will take 3 to 4 hours for the anaesthetic to wean off. You may start to experience pain after this time frame.
  • If you are in severe pain, please take pain relief medication as instructed by surgeon.
  • Your hand will be wrapped in crepe bandage, which you should keep dry.
  • Swelling is expected. To reduce your swelling keep your arm elevated at chest level.
  • You should have your wound checked and suture removed (non-absorbable sutures) in approximately 10-12 days after your surgery either in surgeon’s or GP clinic.

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